Revealed! How To Make Fast Money Online — With No Advertising, No Mailing List and No JVs

I like instant cash … though I don’t really focus much on instant cash but every now and then, I like doing quickie projects to make fast money online. In fact, it my recent project, I made $600 in just a few days.I do instant cash projects to fund my other bigger projects. And with the knowledge to make money fast online, I can gather up funds rather quickly.So in this article, I am going to reveal how I make fast money online. And you can do this with no advertising, no mailing list, no joint venture partners.Sell Your ServiceOK, you may need some skills for this. If you don’t have any, don’t worry, I will even tell you a few things that you can do, that don’t require much ‘skill’.I can do design and programming. There are several forums that I can go to and offer my services. All that I have to do is just write my service offerings and post it at the forum. Make sure you post it at the right place too. You don’t want to be spamming the forum.Here are some forums you can visit and offer your services.[+][+] from forums, you can also publish your service at certain classified websites. Don’t just publish at any classified, but publish at high-traffic websites. These are a few places you can consider:[+][+] http://www.usfreeads.comNow, you should look at yourself and see what you can offer. If you can write, offer your writing skills, if you can design, offering design skills, if you can code PHP, offer script installation. I think you know where I am going with this.I am sure after you’ve been at those websites and see what people are selling, you’ll have an idea about what you can offer, and how much to offer them.What if you don’t have any marketable skills? How about offering something even a 2nd grader can do?You can offer manual website directory submission. There hundreds of websites out there that lists other websites that are being submitted to them. Webmasters will always want to increase the number of websites that link to them. You can offer to manually submit their websites to these directories.Build And Sell Website … In HoursWith this, you can turn $9 into $90, maybe more. Yes, you can build and sell a website in hours. Of course, you need to be able to build a website, and be able to write content for the website.What will make the website valuable is unique content. You need to write new articles for this new website. You can’t just take any of the existing articles on the Internet. Not only that it’s plagiarism, but it will also devalue your website.The $9, you use it buy a domain name. If you don’t already have web hosting space for your website, you can get one for lesser than $5 per month. Don’t worry going with expensive, premium web hosting, because you are planning to sell it anyway. Any cheesy web hosting will do.When you have created your website, what you need to do is list your website for sale. You can do that at a few webmaster forums like the ones below:[+][+] sure you make it clear that this is a brand new website. They don’t mind that. And when it’s new, they don’t mind there’s no traffic yet. It’ll be just like them paying you for your efforts in building the sites.You may not know this but some webmasters are crazy about niche websites like this. They’ll be happy to pay you for the few hours of your effort putting together the website.What website do you build? I can be about anything. You can have a website about gardening, dating, remote control hobbies, parenting, medieval times, orchids, diabetes, sleeping disorder, doll house, horse riding … it can be about anything.Create Instant Product For Instant ProfitI know what you are thinking … even if I can create instant product, where do I sell them?Don’t worry about that, let me tell you how to create instant product first.The classic method of creating instant product is to interview an expert. Find a topic that you want to create a product about. Make sure that it’s a great topic. Something that solves problems and something that people would pay for. Then find yourself an expert to interview.What do you say to the expert? Just say that you want to interview him, or her. You can say that you’ll be giving him/her exposure and hopefully new clients. Some experts are very open to that. That way you don’t have to pay the expert for consultation fee.Now be prepared with good questions. You may want to give that to your expert before hand, so that you expert can be ready and really give you good answers. Next is to have the interview.Hey wait a minute … Maybe you are related to an expert yourself. Everybody is good at something. Think about it for a while. I am sure your relatives don’t mind helping you out. Which would they rather do, give you charity or agree to an interview.Just record the interview. If it’s done in person, you can do it with an MP3 recorder. Most of the times, putting the recorder in the table is all that it needs.You can even call the expert from your computer and record the whole interview into MP3. Of course you will need the Internet connection. You can use software like Skype (to call – and Pamela (to record – that’s one way to create instant product. How about another way? Do you
know screencast? Screencast is recording your monitor screen and everything that is happening. With this, you can record tutorials, while narrating everything that you are doing.You may want to get one of those screen recording software that produces Flash output. With Flash, it’s easier to deliver you content online. One that I would recommend is Camtasia ( Camtasia is actually $299 but it comes with a 30-day trial. You can actually get the free trial, create your product, sell it and later buy the full version. Maybe I should also tell you that the free trial is a full complete software, no watermarks, no limitations.Oh yeah … where do you sell it? Have you heard of the Warrior Special Offer? Well, I can’t tell you where this one is. You would have to Google this one up. It’s a forum actually and there’s a special section where they allow you to sell your product there.You may want to hang around a little bit and see what people are selling there. Try to see and learn what sells. See which thread gets the most response. And then you should know what kind of product you should create.And you can also list your product at those classified websites I told you about earlier.There are more ways to make fast money online. But I think I have revealed enough for now. And believe me, these method works. Some people are making a full-time living from just one of these methods.

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